Fresh Vulnerable Adults Act (VAA) Order


The VULNERABLE ADULT is a person who meets all of the following elements:

  • is 18 years of age or older;
  • has mental or physical infirmity, disability or incapacity; and because of it
  • is unable to protect himself or herself from abuse, neglect or self-neglect.

The RESPONDENT is the person against whom the Protection Order is to be issued.

A Family Member / Donee / Deputy / Approved Welfare Officer / Adult Protection Services Officer may make this application on behalf of the Vulnerable Adult (relevant supporting documents must be available at point of application).

S/N Questions Answers
1 Is the victim a Vulnerable Adult with physical infirmity, disability or incapacity?*
2 Is the victim a Vulnerable Adult with mental infirmity, disability or incapacity?*
3 Has the Vulnerable Adult experience physical abuse?*
4 Has the Vulnerable Adult experience emotional/psychological abuse?*
5 Has the Vulnerable Adult experience any fear for his/her safety or wellbeing due to the Respondent's conduct or behaviour?*
6 Is there unreasonable restraining or confining of Vulnerable Adult by Respondent's conduct or behaviour?*
7 Is there a lack of provision of essential care (e.g. food, clothing, medical aid, lodging, other necessities of life, etc) to the Vulnerable Adult?*